Be Snow Smart this Winter!

Be Snow Smart by observing a few simple rules:

  • Look out for and obey all posted traffic signage - especially regarding speed limits and chain controls.
  • Slow down! Speeding is a major cause of winter accidents.
  • Keep your distance from snow removal equipment and pass with extreme caution.
  • Use the free transit services in Town! If you aren't comfortable driving in wintry conditions, let the professionals do the driving for you.

Mammoth Lakes receives some of the heaviest snowfall in California. The Town’s snow removal operators work diligently to ensure safe driving conditions for our residents and visitors. Our snow removal operators work around the clock in twelve-hour shifts that may extend for weeks at a time. Priorities are established to consider which streets need to be cleared first in order to maintain emergency access and safe driving conditions throughout the town.


Call 800-427-ROAD for current chain control restrictions or road conditions, listen to KMMT 106.5, Sierra Wave 92.5 or KIBS 100.7 FM or look for chain control signs throughout town. Visit the Caltrans Quickmap site for updated road conditions or click here for current highway conditions. 

Please report outages (Outages, Lines Down, Street Light Repair, etc.) by calling SCE at (800) 611-1911 or by visiting the SCE Outage Center.

Please click here for Emergency Information, visit Ready Mono, or call 911 for assistance. 


Propane is a safe, reliable, and efficient fuel to heat your home and support your family. WATCH THIS SAFETY VIDEO from Chief Tomaier, Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District to learn about the measures you can take to protect your system to ensure its safety, as well as that of your home and family. 

You should NOT smell propane in your home. If you smell gas or are experiencing signs of a gas leak, immediately exit the premises, and call the AmeriGas 24/7 Emergency Line at (800) 805-0659.

Make  sure all propane pipes, valves, regulators, and tanks are clear of snow and ice. DO NOT bury your tank or the connection to your house from snow from your roof or when removing snow with equipment. Heavy accumulations of snow or ice falling on tanks, regulators, meters, piping, or valves may cause damage that could result in a gas leak. BE ALERT – if you smell gas immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames. Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones, or cell phones. Flames or sparks from these sources can trigger an explosion or a fire. LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY, and from a neighbor’s home or other nearby building away from the gas leak, call 9-1-1. DO NOT RETURN TO THE BUILDING OR THE AREA until it is safe to do so. 

For additional information about propane safety, click here or contact the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District at (760) 934-2300.


Click here to make a plan - it may very well save your life!


Tow Companies: All companies registered with the Town of Mammoth Lakes as vehicle recovery and off-road rescue towing businesses are listed below. The list below is not an endorsement by the Town and is provided for informational purposes only.

  • Performance Towing: (760) 709-1075
  • Frosty 4 Wheeler: (760) 625-4537
  • Kevin-Towing: (310) 529-5190

FREE Transit Services: Leave the car and take the Bus!  Eastern Sierra Transit Authority provides FREE transit services for residents and visitors. See below for some helpful resources.

Taxi & Shuttle Services: All companies registered with the Town of Mammoth Lakes as taxi drivers or taxi services/shuttles are listed below. The list below is not an endorsement by the Town and is provided for informational purposes only.

  • Sierra Express Transportation Shuttle: (760) 924-2227
  • Mammoth All Weather Shuttle (MAWS) Transportation: (760) 709-2927
  • Mammoth Taxi LLC-Service: (760) 914-7433 or (760) 937-8294
  • Call Kevin-Taxicab Driver: (310) 529-5190
  • Mountain Pick Up Taxi: (760) 914-3229
  • Sierra Shuttle Service: (760) 914-274


R-1 Opens in new window

R-1: Chains are required on all vehicles under 6,000 pounds except those equipped with snow tires on the drive wheels. All vehicles over 6,000 pounds are required to place chains on the drive wheels.


R-2: Chains are required on all vehicles except four-wheel drives equipped with snow tires on all four wheels.


R-3: Chains are required on all vehicles without exception. Please be aware that these designations are for the safety of all and are enforced by public safety officers including our local Mammoth Lakes Police Department, Mono County Sheriff and the Highway Patrol.

The penalty for failure to observe the posted chain controls may include a citation and a severe fine. Remember to always carry chains and use them when required to do so.

Be Snow Smart by observing a few simple rules:

Child Safety

  • Keep children indoors while snow removal operations are under way.
  • Children should not play in yards, build snow forts or dig caves near the road during snow removal operations.

Pedestrian Safety 

  • Don’t watch snow removal operations from the edge of the road, and do not walk in-front of snow removal equipment.

Back Off

  • While in your vehicle, it is recommended that you stay at least 50 feet behind snow removal equipment. Poor visibility makes it difficult for the operator to see you.
  • Passing of a snowplow on the road should be done with extreme caution.

Slow Down 

  • Excessive speed is the major cause of traffic accidents during winter.
  • When chain control conditions are in effect, the maximum speed limit throughout town is 25 mph.
  • Black ice frequently forms in shady areas and at night on seemingly clear and dry roads; use extreme caution when driving at night throughout the winter months. Patience goes a long way!

Protect Your Property 

  • It is a violation of the Town of Mammoth Lakes municipal code to park on any roadway from November 1 through April 30.
  • Park all vehicles, including boats and trailers, as far off the roadway as possible and inside the orange snow stakes
  • Identify your vehicle’s location with poles to keep it visible for snow removal operators.
  • It is highly recommended that roofs have the snow cleared off of them in order to reduce the stress on the structure.  Even if all of the snow and ice cannot be removed, removing at least the top half to two thirds of the roof snow pack is very beneficial. In general, most roof structures in Town can tolerate up to four feet of snow.  It is also recommended that homeowners get on a roof snow removal program with a local snow removal contractor.  
  • Please also be aware of shedding snow and ice at entries and exits.  Very large ice dams will form over time, and they will end up breaking loose from the roof and fall.  This is a serious life-safety hazard and should be watched at all times.
  • Individual propane tanks, along with the yard pipe assembly where the gas pipe enters a structure should also be cleared of all snow and ice.  The gas pipe point of entry into a structure is usually where the meter and the second stage regulator are located.  This location is usually marked with a 2” reflector above the assembly.

Light It Up 

  • Leave the exterior lighting of your home on at night during winter storms. The lights are helpful to snow removal operators who may have poor visibility during storms and assists them in identifying the location of your driveway and home.
  • Please identify the entrance to your driveway with reflective poles, placing them a minimum of 2ft. to the property side of the Town’s orange snow stakes.

Snow Storage 

  • When clearing your driveway, do not place snow in the roadway or on the Town’s snow storage easement (10ft.-wide area immediately abutting the pavement edge).
  • All snow must be stored on your property.
  • Please contact the Town of Mammoth Lakes if you require additional snow storage for your property.

Got Questions?

For questions regarding snow removal routes within the Town of Mammoth Lakes, click here.

Call... do not try to stop or flag down the snow removal operators in their equipment as they are under instructions not to get out of their cabs while conducting snow removal operations. Instead, please call the Town of Mammoth Lakes:

  • Haislip Hayes, Public Works Director: (760) 965-3652
  • Public Information Line (updated during emergencies): (760) 965-3612