Bell Shaped Parcel

The Bell Shaped Parcel is approximately 16.7 acres located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Minaret Road and Meridian Boulevard and is approximately at the geographic center of the Town’s Urban Growth Boundary. Several stands of mature trees surround a broad, open meadow with a wetland drainage meandering through the northern portion of the parcel. A second wetland area has been identified in the southern portion of the parcel. The parcel is currently undeveloped.

To the north, west, and east, within the Resort zoning designation, the Sierra Star Golf Course and related housing developments border the property. To the south of the site are single family homes within the Residential Single Family (RSF) zoning designation as well as the Meadow Ridge condominium complex, which is located within the Residential Multi-Family 2 (RMF-2) zone.

On June 17, 2010 by Resolution, Town Council adopted District Zoning Amendment 10-001 and General Plan amendment 10-001, changing the zoning and general plan use designation from Resort (R) to Open Space (OS).

The OS zone permits the following uses, as specified:

Use permit required for:

  • All types of agriculture, horticulture, silviculture (cultivation of forest trees) and related activities
  • Agricultural experimental facilities
  • Environmental research facilities
  • Flood control facilities
  • Forestry products and the removal thereof; not including processing plants or lumber mills
  • Geothermal exploration/production
  • Riding academies or commercial stables
  • Ski area development
  • Other recreational uses and facilities which satisfy an identified public need
  • Public utility substations and facilities

Permitted by right (no use permit required) for:

  • Historical landmarks
  • Public or private parks and passive recreational facilities

The Bell Shaped Parcel was acquired for “recreational and/or performing arts use.” Both the OS Zone and R zone would allow recreational and performing arts facilities to be constructed with the approval of a use permit. All standards and performance requirements for these uses would be considered during the use permit process.

Review the Existing Conditions Map for the Bell Shaped Parcel