August 6 - Town Council Mtg.

The Recreation Commission has been working with staff and consultants to complete conceptual master planning for four of the Town’s parks as recommended by the 2012 Town Council Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP). The Town contracted with Verde Design, Inc. to facilitate this process to obtain Public consensus and Recreation Commission acceptance of a preferred conceptual design for the four sites.

On June 10, 2014 the Recreation Commission received a presentation from Verde Design Inc. and Town Staff. The Commission directed staff to capture the Commission’s final comments so the packet could be forwarded to the Town Council for review and consideration in a timely fashion.

Staff met with Recreation Commission Chair and Vice Chair and stated they were incorporating the Commission comments into the materials. Staff recommended an effective process would be to update the materials, present them to the Recreation Commission on August 5, 2014 to obtain any additional Commission comments, and then present the complete package along with any Commission final comments to Town Council on August 6, 2014.

Staff also presented a preliminary list of short-term projects that could be implemented in one to three years and stated that list would be a part of the presentation. It has been emphasized to the public that the four park site designs are conceptual only and are intended to be used to guide future development of the four park sites. Future development would be based on further analysis, necessary environmental action, and applicable Town Council direction.

Recreation Commission Recommendations

On August 6, 2014 Town Council will be discussing the recommendations of the Recreation Commission and will be asked to:

  1. Accept the preferred conceptual community designs of each of the four parks sites;
  2. Based on ‘Town owned/managed’ parks sites evaluated, affirm Mammoth Creek Park ‘West’ as the preferred location of the proposed Recreation/Community Center and Aquatic facility; and
  3. Affirm the short-term projects from each of the four preferred conceptual community designs, and direct Town Staff to work with the Recreation Commission on implementing the projects. These are listed below in no particular order of prioritization:
    • Community Center Park & Community Tennis Courts
      • Forest thinning in and around playground area and adjacent to restrooms.
      • Rebuild/replace tennis storage facility.
    • Mammoth Creek Park (EAST/WEST)
      • Develop plan for the installation of an all-inclusive playground on Mammoth Creek Park West.
      • Develop plan for the installation of a community garden on Mammoth Creek Park West.
      • Develop plan for the installation of a performance stage on Mammoth Creek Park East.
      • Develop plan for the installation of a fishing platform on Mammoth Creek Park East.
    • Whitmore Recreation Area
      • Winterize the existing restroom
      • Develop plan for the construction of a locker room, concession area and storage room (one building).
      • Develop plan for the construction of a pavilion in the park picnic area.
    • Bell Shaped Parcel
      • Delineate existing wetlands
      • Conduct a wind analysis of the site


August 6, 2014 Town Council Staff Report (Aug. 5 RC Staff Report)

Final Conceptual Park Master Plans

Verde Design Inc. PLAN Your PARKS PowerPoint Presentation