Shady Rest FAQ

Shady Rest Tract FAQ

  • Why is the Town purchasing the Shady Rest Tract?

The purchase of the Shady Rest Tract will allow the Town to control the site and ensure that the site will be developed to provide opportunities for community housing.

  • What is the Shady Rest Tract and where is it located?

The Shady Rest Tract as it is commonly known consists of two vacant parcels totaling 24.7 acres located adjacent to the Town’s Downtown zoning district and several residential zoning districts. The property is heavily forested and slopes generally to the northwest with about thirty feet of elevation change from the west boundary to near Tavern Road. There is a drainage course in the northwest area of the site that will require investigation to determine wetland areas and delineate if wetlands are found. Vehicular access is available from Center Street, Tavern Road, and Chaparral Road. There is a designated pedestrian access easement providing connectivity to Manzanita Road. To be absolutely clear, the Shady Rest Tract is separate and distinct from Shady Rest Park which is a USFS area at the north end of Sawmill Cutoff Road under Special Use Permit to the Town for recreational uses.

  • What are the current governing documents for the Shady Rest Tract?

The General Plan, Municipal Code (Title 17, Zoning Code), and the Shady Rest Master Plan govern development of and activity on the Shady Rest Tract. In the General Plan, Shady Rest is designated High-Density Residential 1 (HDR-1) and is addressed in the Neighborhood and District Character, Land Use, and Housing Elements. In the Zoning Code, the property is within the Residential Multi-Family 1 (RMF-1) zoning district with an Affordable Housing (AH) Overlay Zone. Specific requirements for development of affordable housing on the Shady Rest Tract is provided for in the AH Overlay Zone. Additionally, the Shady Rest Master Plan includes further requirements for development of the property.

  • What are the restrictions in the Affordable Housing Overlay Zone in the Zoning Code

The Affordable Housing Overlay Zone applies only to the Shady Rest Tract and is intended to promote the development and provision of affordable housing within the community and thereby implement the policies of the Housing Element of the General Plan. The standards of development and performance were written to ensure good design and compatibility with adjacent land uses. 

  • Based on the governing documents, what are the currently allowed or existing uses on the Shady Rest Tract?

The General Plan, Zoning Code, and Shady Rest Master Plan each provide a description and requirements for allowed uses on the Shady Rest Tract. The General Plan allows for a variety of residential uses for the workforce, including single- and multi-family developments. Amenities such as childcare and active and passive recreation features are also allowed.

The Zoning Code provides more specific requirements for single- and multi-family development intended to be purchased or rented based on criteria and formulas established by the State Department of Housing and Community Development for very low, other low, and moderate-income household categories. This does not include the Town’s defined “workforce housing” category, which allows for a higher affordability and income level beyond the State definition of “affordable housing.” Accessory and temporary uses incidental to permitted uses are also allowed.

The Shady Rest Master Plan addresses a specific mix of very low and low-income apartments (120 units) and moderate-income housing (52 units), making the recommendation that at least one third of the units be very low income, one third low income, and the rest moderate income units. The Master Plan also calls for any project to include an open space/park area of approximately six acres. No other amenities are specifically addressed as a part of the Master Plan.

  • Based on the governing documents, what is the maximum number of units that could be built on the Shady Rest Tract?

The Shady Rest Master Plan prescribes a maximum of 172 units. Through utilization of General Plan Policy L.2.D, a maximum of 344 units could be achieved: For housing development projects where all units are deed restricted for workforce housing, a density bonus may be granted in addition to any bonus granted pursuant to the State Density Bonus Law up to a combined bonus of twice the density identified for the designation in which the project is located.

  • What is “affordable housing?”

The Zoning Code defines an “Affordable Housing Unit” as a housing unit that is available at an affordable rent or affordable ownership cost.

According to the 2017 Mammoth Lakes Community Housing Action Plan, housing costs are affordable if the monthly rent or mortgage payment is equal to or less than 30% of gross household income (before taxes).

These definitions are broad in nature and do not apply only to the Shady Rest Tract.

  • When does the Town anticipate that it will have site control (i.e. escrow closed)? 

Escrow is anticipated to close in spring 2018. 

  • When escrow closes, what is the next step?

The Town will begin a comprehensive planning process for the site. It is anticipated that infrastructure and circulation/transportation planning will be addressed first.

  • Will there be an opportunity for community involvement in the comprehensive planning process?

Yes. The Shady Rest planning process will be a public process and public comments/input will be welcomed throughout the process.

  • What is the timeframe for development of the site? How long do you think it will take for an actual community housing units to be constructed? 

At this time, the development timeline is unknown, but the Town’s goal is to have construction initiated in 2-4 years. The site planning and design will be subject to a planning process, environmental analysis (CEQA), site and building design, land use analysis, infrastructure funding, housing funding, and then actual construction.

  • Will the Town develop the site or will it work with developers?

It is likely that the Town would work with one or more developers to develop the site but details are not known at this time.

  • How will the Town pay for improvements to the Shady Rest Tract?

The Town will explore a variety of funding possibilities including State and Federal grants, Town housing funds, General Fund, and coordination with private developers.  The Town recently submitted a $100,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application to prepare a preliminary infrastructure and circulation plan for the property.

  • What is the history of the Shady Rest Tract?

For a complete history of the Shady Rest Tract, please review the October 19, 2016 Town Council Staff Report (starting on PDF Page 24). 

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