2020 Mammoth Adult Indoor Soccer League

Welcome to the 2020 Mammoth Adult Indoor Soccer League. League play begins January 19, 2020 and games are played on Sunday evenings at either 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm or 8:30pm at the Mammoth High School Gym.

Preliminary Season ScheduleIndoor Soccer Schedule - Web Image

Preliminary Season Scores

Date Winning Team Losing Team Score
Jan. 19, 2020 Bishop FC Psykadelics 7-3
  Niupi  Junk Show United 9-1
  Black Tie HFFC 7-1
  Los Gurice La Palma 2-2
Jan. 26, 2020 La Palma Black Tie 4-2
  Psykadelics HFFC 9-0
  Los Gurice Junk Show United 8-3
  Bishop FC Niupi 7-3
Feb. 9, 2020 Bishop FC Junk Show United 8-4
  Los Gurice HFFC 13-3
  Black Tie Psykadelics 5-3
  La Palma  Niupi 2-0
Feb. 16, 2020 Nuipi HFFC 9-0
  Black Tie Los Gurice 5-5
  Bishop FC La Palma 1-0
  Junk Show United Psykadelics 6-4

Disciplinary Action

Date: Team: Player: Action:
Jan. 26, 2020 Bishop FC Arturo Lemus Yellow Card
Feb. 9, 2020 Bishop FC Misael Santana Yellow Card
  Los Gurice Agustin Lopez Yellow Card
Feb. 16, 2020 Black Tie Colin Fernie Red Card
  Los Gurice Joaquin Praderi Red Card
  Bishop FC Junior Santana Red Card
  Bishop FC Abraham Santana Yellow Card
  La Palma Juan Carlos Prieto Red Card
  La Palma Luis Prieto Yellow Card
  La Palma Mario Prieto Yellow Card