Mammoth Lakes Virtual Fun Run

Website PhotoMammoth Parks and Recreation, together with Visit Mammoth and the Mammoth Track Club, invite you to celebrate Global Running Day and join us for the inaugural Mammoth Lakes Virtual Fun Run! We are encouraging everyone to participate in this FREE event, get active during the COVID-19 isolation period and reach a fitness goal! All ages are welcome and awards will be presented in multiple categories. Every participant will also be entered into the draw for a ’lucky finisher’ prize. Stay tuned for sponsors and prize details!

Step One:

Choose one of the pre-determined routes (Super Sprint/1km/5km/Long Course).

GRD 400m Course                 Super Sprint Course - 400m

GRD 5Km Course                              5km Course

GRD 1Km Course                                 1km Course

GRD Long Course (2)                          Long Course - 9.5km

Step Two:

Download the FREE Map My Run app (Android, iOS). 

This will allow you to track and time your Fun Run, and submit your results. Make sure to link the app to your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

We will also happily accept other running apps you are already using, e.g. Strava, Adidas Running, Runkeeper, Pacer etc.

Step Three:

Head out to the designated starting point of your chosen route (Super Sprint/ 1km/5km/Long Course) at any time between Monday, June 1 (8am) and Sunday, June 7 (8pm). You can even complete the course multiple times if you want to improve on your first attempts. Maps of each of the routes are provided above and chalk markings will be provided on the courses. Make sure to do some warm-up stretches, that your Map My Run app (or other running app) is ready to track and time your Fun Run, and that you take a few photos to post later. 

While completing your chosen Fun Run, please remember to maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet from those outside your household unit. When passing others, please step off the path to preserve your 6 foot bubble, and wear a mask or face covering when physical distance cannot be maintained.

Step Four:

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! Run, walk, skip or push your way to the finish line. Don’t forget to tap ’Start’ to record your Fun Run on your chosen app and ’Finish’ when completed.

Step Five:

Share your Map My Run (or other app) Fun Run results with Instagram and/or Facebook and make sure to tag or mention Mammoth Parks N. Rec! For your social media tag/mention to register with us, your accounts need to be public. We respect your privacy, so if you do not wish to change your settings, you can email Kat Kelly at with a screenshot of your results. Please include any photos of the race as well - there will be a prize for best photo!