Capital Facilities and Financing Plan

The Public Facilities and Financing Plan (PFFP) is a long-range planning document that will guide the Town's investment in new public facilities. The purpose of the PFFP is to adopt an integrated and reconciled plan for the Town’s prioritization, funding, construction, operation, and maintenance of existing and proposed public facilities. The PFFP will allow for the Town to make deliberate and informed decisions about public facilities in a more comprehensive, and less ad hoc, manner than in the past. This strategy will allow the Town to avoid financial missteps, reduce lost opportunities, be adaptive to changing conditions, and attract investment. The PFFP work program will also incorporate the 5-year Development Impact Fee Study.

There will be a separate, but related effort to review, reconcile and update the 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The most recent draft CIP can be found here.


Joint Commissions Meeting: October 12, 2011

A joint meeting of the Planning Commission, Airport Commission, Mobility Commission, Public Art Commission and Recreation Commission was held to review the overall scope of work for the PFFP and 5-Year CIP Process that was approved by Town Council on October 5, 2011.

Powerpoint Presentation 10-12-11

Staff Report 10-12-11 Joint Commissions Meeting

Attachment 1: 10-5-11 Town Council Agenda Bill

Attachment 2A: Cover Letter_Economic Forecast and Revitalization Strategies

Attachment 2B: Economic Forecast and Revitalization Strategies Report 10-6-11