Special Event Permit Process

The entire Town of Mammoth Lakes appreciates your interest and desire in hosting a Special Event in our unique small-town and engaging community.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes plays an important role in hosting and sponsoring many community events that further the goals of the Town’s Vision Statement and enhances the visitor experience by providing recreational and cultural experiences in a festive alpine community atmosphere.

Mammoth Lakes places a high value on: “Being a premier, year-round resort community based on diverse outdoor recreation, multi-day events and an ambiance that attracts visitors.”

As per section 17.56.040 (Requirements for Specific Temporary Uses and Events) of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Code, events are subject to the issuance of an administrative permit. Your event permit application needs to be reviewed to ensure all community service provider requirements have been met and no adverse effects result.

What constitutes a “Special Event”?

A “Special Event” usually requires the coordination of Town Departments due to the use, for example of: alcohol, amplified music, on-site cooking, concessions, large temporary structures, and the use of public property or the public right-of-way which is owned or controlled by the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

In general, no person shall conduct or cause to be conducted, participate or engage in, hold, manage, permit or allow another to conduct a special event, in, on or upon any Town street, sidewalk, alley, park, public place, public property or public right-of-way which is owned or controlled by the Town of Mammoth Lakes without first having obtained a written permit.

If you are unsure as to whether your special event constitutes the completion of an Online Special Event Permit Application Form, please contact Stuart Brown at (760) 965-3696.

Application Process


The applicant is required to schedule a meeting with Town Staff to review and discuss the Special Event Permit Application. Town staff prefers this to occur before applicants submit an event application. The application process is broken into two phases: The first is 30 days prior to the special event and includes two submissions and the second, inclusive of final submissions is due no later than 7 days prior to the event. The two submissions required at least 30 days in advance of the event date are:

1. Online Special Event Application (>30 days)

The application is submitted online via a NEW Form which can be found here: Online Special Event Permit Application Form

The form does not have the ability to be saved and returned to at a later time, so please have all your information ready before filling out the online application.

The online application includes three sections:

  1. Event contact/applicant contact details
  2. Checklist of potential event situations (provided on application)
  3. Event overview including: Event Operation Plan & Site Plan

To assist you in creating your event Operation Plan & Site Plan, the Parks & Recreation Department has created a document which outlines all information that is necessary for this portion of the application. Please follow the link above titled "Event Operation Plan & Site Plan" and fill out the document. Make sure you save the document to your computer, as you will be REQUIRED to attach the document within the application form. The Site Plan can be attached to the application as a separate document and is also REQUIRED.

Special Event Equipment Use Application (>30 days):

This form is also now available online by clicking the following link: Special Event Equipment Use Application. Once this form is filled out and submitted online, it will be sent directly to the Parks & Recreation Department. All applications must include a refundable $250 equipment use deposit to the Parks & Recreation Department. Deposits are accepted in the form of cash or check (made out to TOML).

2. Special Event Submittal Forms (>7 days)

These requirements may be submitted electronically to Stuart Brown or turned in to the Parks & Recreation Office (437 Old Mammoth Road Suite 230). You will also have the option to attach supporting documents to the online Special Event Application if you have them prepared in advance of submitting that application. The requirements include:

  1. Special Event Permit Payment
    1. Regular Permit Fee: $230 OR 
    2. Premium Permit Fee: $500 for an event that requires a temporary road closure and Town Council resolution.
    3. PAY YOUR PERMIT FEE ONLINE: Click here to pay through the Town's Xpress Bill Pay Portal. 
  2. Special Event Equipment Use Deposit - $250 (checks made payable to "TOML", or cash); checks must be made out separately from the Special Event Permit Payment
  3. Supporting documentation:
    1. Agency Approval Letters (permission to host event from property owner)
    2. Wildlife Management Form
    3. ABC Permit – if applicable
    4. Mono County Health Department Permit – if applicable
    5. Traffic Control Plan – if applicable
    6. Insurance Certificates including an Endorsement naming the Town of Mammoth Lakes as additionally insured
    7. Other as required


Special Event Application Forms & Resources:

Community Banner Program

The Town of Mammoth Lakes has established an administrative policy for the use of the “Special Event Community Banner Space” (referred to as the Community Banner Program) located on the corner of Old Mammoth Road and Main Street (SR 203). The Community Banner Program is dedicated specifically for “Town of Mammoth Lakes and Town Sponsored Community event signs” per Subsection 17.48.090N.2 of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Code. Under the Municipal Code, the authority to place a Community Banner on the site is subject to the approval of the Parks and Recreation Director and/or the Community and Economic Development Director. The site is located within the public right-of-way, which requires specific authority for the sign program to be effective.

Priority Use of the Community Banner 

Use of the Community Banner is limited to the following two uses, in priority order: 

  1. Primary - The promotion of governmental agency-owned/operated community programs, events, or emergency information. 
  2. Secondary - The promotion of Town of Mammoth Lakes-sponsored community events.  

Community Banner Requirements and Approval Process 

  • To qualify for use of the Community Banner, an event or program must be sponsored by the Town of Mammoth Lakes.
  • To be considered a Town of Mammoth Lakes-sponsored community event, the event must be approved by the Town and must be, at minimum, partially funded by the Town. 
  • The applicant may be required to submit and receive a Town of Mammoth Lakes Administrative Special Event Permitfor community events. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department to determine whether an Administrative Special Event Permit is required. 
    • The application can be found here.
  • The applicant is also required to submit and complete the Temporary Sign Permit application form a minimum of 30-daysprior to placement for approval. 
    • The application can be found here.

Event Permitting Information and Resource 

The Mammoth Lakes Parks and Recreation Department is a resource that can benefit your event. We are happy to assist you in preparing the application and in answering any questions you may have. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (760) 965-3690 or email Stuart Brown, Parks and Recreation Director if you would like to go over the permit process.

Best of success with your event!