Stormwater Master Plan

Public Review of Stormwater Master Plan

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is taking on stormwater in a proactive way. Over the years, the Town has witnessed significant erosion, drainage and flooding problems related to stormwater. The Town addressed these issues as they came up and when resources were available. Now, made possible by a grant from the Inyo Mono Integrated Regional Water Management Program (IRWMP), the Town is developing a Stormwater Master Plan to address stormwater related issues. The Town is in a unique position to address stormwater because it’s municipal stormwater is not regulated under a Federal or State permit. Thus, the Town can develop a Stormwater Master Plan that reflects local priorities. The Town’s priorities in managing stormwater are to: reduce impacts from erosion and drainage problems, protect creeks and streams from stormwater pollution, effectively manage and operate the Town’s stormwater infrastructure, and engage partners and the public to become part of the solution.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is providing a draft of the Stormwater Master Plan for public review and comment. The draft is available for download here Comments must be submitted on or before August 14, 2015. In order to facilitate your review and comment, the Town is providing the attached comment table. You are strongly encouraged to use this comment table to document and submit your comments on the plan and its appendices. E-mail your comments to Jamie Robertson.

The Stormwater Master Plan and applicable comment sheet are available from the above mentioned link. Thank you on behalf of the Town for your review and comments.