Single Family Transient Rental

Voter passage of Measure Z in 2015 has stopped all work related to the Single Family Transient Rental Work Program. Measure Z froze zoning in place as it relates to transient rentals, prohibiting transient rentals of single-family homes as well as hotels and motels in the RSF, RR and RMF-1 zones. Any future change would require subsequent voter approval. Measure Z can be viewed here


This page provides resources and information related to the question of whether transient (short-term) rental should be permitted in the Town’s single-family residential zoning districts.

Current zoning regulations limit transient (sometimes referred to as nightly or short-term) rental activities to certain zones, including Commercial, Residential Multi-Family 2, Resort, and Specific Plan zones. Short-term rental is generally not permitted in other residential zones including Residential Multi-Family 1, Residential Single Family, or Rural Residential zones.

The question of whether or not transient rental should be allowed elsewhere in Mammoth Lakes has come forward a number of times in the past, including in 2009 and 2012 when the Planning Commission and Town Council considered, but decided not to proceed with, a work program to study changes to existing regulations. The Town Council discussed single family transient rentals in December 2012 and information from that meeting is available here. At that time the Council directed staff to move forward with a work program to examine single family transient rentals but due to staffing constraints the Council removed this from the Community and Economic Development Department’s work program in April 2013.

On August 8, 2014, the Town Council held a meeting to discuss Council priorities for 2014-15 and adopted a Council priority to "Tackle Single Family Residential Short-term Rental Decision on a Town-wide Basis."

In response to the Town Council priority regarding single family transient rentals, staff prepared a staff report and discussion item for Council review on October 1, 2014. At this meeting the Town Council discussed the topic and directed Community and Economic Development Department staff to prepare a work program to analyze the topic of single family transient rentals. The staff report for the October 1, 2014 Town Council meeting is available online.

Meetings and Workshops

Town staff has begun to compile data and information for public review and expects to bring this forward for public discussion at a series of future meetings and workshops. If you would like to submit comments that will be included in future agenda packets please send information to Sandra Moberly.

Public Meetings

Town Council - December 17, 2014

Following on the October 1, 2014 Town Council meeting, staff prepared a work program which was accepted by the Council at their meeting on December 17, 2014. The work program and staff report are available on the Town’s website.

Future meeting announcements will be posted as they are scheduled.


Information Developed by the Town

General information about transient occupancy in Mammoth Lakes can be found at: /201. This page includes basic facts about Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), the Town’s current enforcement program, and occupancy and revenue statistics.

Please review the Town Zoning Map, the Zoning Compliance Guide, or the interactive, online TOT Property Search Tool to find out if an address, APN, or complex is zoned for transient rentals.

Information Provided by Outside Sources or Groups

The following information has been provided by outside individuals or groups (both proponents and opponents) with an interest in studying the pros and cons of potentially allowing Single Family Residential Transient Rentals.

These documents are provided to the public as informational items only and the Town makes no representation as to the accuracy of any information or statements included therein. 

"Studying the Idea of Legalizing Regulating and Taxing Short-term Rentals of Single Family Homes in Mammoth Lakes," Submitted by David Page, 10-25-12

"Single Family Home Focus Group Notes," Submitted by Cheryll Witherall, 10-25-12

"Comments and Issues Summary," Submitted by Lanie Somers, 10-25-12

"Regulating Single-Family Rentals as a Realistic Revenue Opportunity for the Town of Mammoth Lakes," Submitted by Mammoth Vacation Home Rentals to Town Council, 10-18-12

Proponent and Opponent Websites:


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