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Community & Economic Development

  1. Request for Information - Permit History

    GOVT. CODE §§ 6250 - 6276.48 : An agency has 10 days to decide if copies will be provided. In "unusual" cases (request is "voluminous,... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Application for Administrative Special Event Permit
  2. Special Event Equipment Use Application
  3. Special Event Performance Report

    As a recipient of Town of Mammoth Lakes general fund monies, your organization is required to provide a written performance report upon... More…

  1. Program Scholarship Application

    We don’t want a family’s financial difficulties to prevent any child from participating in Town of Mammoth Lakes recreation programs. ... More…

  2. Special Event Funding Application

    Application for special event funding from the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

  3. Youth Sports Funding Program Application

    Application for youth sports funding