Reds Meadow Road Improvements Project

Project Information

Official USFS Project Information Page

The Federal Highways Administration Central Federal Lands Highway Division (FHWA-CFLHD), in partnership with the United States Forest Service and Town of Mammoth Lakes have begun the Reds Meadow Road Improvements Project.

Project Description: The purpose of the project is to improve the deteriorated condition of Reds Meadow Road and improve vehicular travel mobility so as to continue to provide access to recreational resources. The roadway is currently in a deteriorated state, and the steep one-lane roadway in the upper 2.5 miles hinders user mobility as opposing vehicular traffic cannot readily and safely pass each other. The resulting conditions include long queues of waiting vehicles and ongoing safety concerns. Inadequate sight distance at curves and narrow shoulders also hinder passing and create additional safety concerns. Without improvements, the roadway deterioration will continue and vehicular mobility further constrained. A PEL study and conceptual design were completed in late 2016. The PEL concluded a one/two lane combination or a continuous two lane roadway would most successfully address the improved mobility needs for the project. The project will also consider other improvements, including repaving the Minaret Vista parking lot and minor realignment of Reds Meadow Road near Devils Postpile National Monument to improve the poor sight distance curve. The project is now moving into the NEPA/CEQA clearance phase of project development with technical analysis and documentation both underway.

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