540 Project

The 540 (Five-Forty) Project is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Old Mammoth Road and Oak Tree Lane. The project includes a two-story vertical mixed-use building fronting Old Mammoth Road that includes a commercial space on the first floor and a residential unit on the second floor. Six residential buildings are proposed behind the vertical mixed-use building. The residential buildings are three stories and consist of two single unit buildings (2 units), two duplexes (4 units), and two triplexes (6 units). The project includes a total of 13 residential units and one commercial unit. The project applicant is John Hooper. 

The project requires approval of a Tentative Tract Map (TTM 18-002) and Major Design Review (DR 18-002). The project is anticipated to be exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15332, Infill Exemption. 

The proposed Project will be reviewed by the Advisory Design Panel (ADP) on February 14, 2019. 

For additional project information, please contact Sandra Moberly, Community and Economic Development Director at smoberly@townofmammothlakes.ca.gov or (760) 965-3633.